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Fees & Disclosures

Deposit Account Fees

NSF Check charge  (effective 11/01/2014) $25.00
Stop Payment on HCTFUC  (effective 11/01/2014) $25.00
Certified Checks   $1.00
Negative Account Fee  (effective 11/01/2014) $25.00
Stop Payment Fee    (effective 11/01/2014) $25.00
Once Monthly Debit Card Usage Fee   $2.00

Loan Account Fees

Loan Late Fee (effective 11/01/2014)  $30.00
To refinance an existing loan with us.  $50.00
Refinance existing HE Loan w/us with remaining term of less than 5 years $100.00
Refinance an existing HE loan with us with a remaining term of 6 to 15 years $150.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Visa Travel Money Cards-reloadable $2.00 per card
Visa Gift Cards $2.00 per card
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